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Plant Astrology

PLANTS ARE LIFE: Plants and trees have a direct connection to the source of life giving energy, and it is this energy that causes healing to take place. The practice of using plants for healing purposes is as old as medicine itself.

HEALING THROUGH PLANTS: There are many ways plants can support you in feeling and working better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The quickest and easiest way to accelerate any type of healing is to get customized personal plants. Taking care of your personal plant and watching it grow and blossom, you develop a deeper connection to nature, which begins to heal your mind, body, and spirit almost instantly. As an added bonus, plants’ rich colors and textures will beautify your room, your home or work place.

In addition to this, the organisation is helping people to improve the quality of their life through Plant Astrology and Healing. Under plant astrology, specific plants, which are specially energized with sound & crystals, are recommended to individuals according to their birth dates and specific requirements and problems. Specific requirements such as, peace and harmony in family, relaxed mind, sound sleep, business & money, wealth & prosperity, focus & stability in life, growth & success in career, etc. are dealt with through Plant Astrology.

Benefits Of Plants Astrology

• Eliminate Negative Energies
• Charge home & office  with Positive Energy
• Relieve Stress
• Relaxed Body & Mind
• Bring Wealth & Prosperity
• Make a stable Career
• Business Growth
• Success in life

• Love & Harmony in relationships
• Peace of mind
• Positive Approach towards Life
• Self Motivated & Energized
• Health & Wellbeing
• Improve focus & concentration
• Improves sleep quality
• Clarity of Thoughts

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